Radifleet Sdn Bhd (639129-K)

Radifleet Sdn Bhd (Radifleet) evolved from the need for absolute reliability in the maintenance of a vast number of motor vehicles of various makes and models.
The services that Radifleet provides include:
  • Fulfilling the logistic requirements of other subsidiaries for clinical waste collection & clean trolley delivery, for soiled linen collection & clean linen delivery to and from our clients. This demanding management and scheduling operations have been perfected by Radifleet.
Radifleet has a major well-equipped service centre dedicated to providing comprehensive services. To support its vehicle maintenance and management function at other regions, Radifleet has established a network of workshop operators within Radicare’s operating zones. Radifleet is also the authorised ‘2S’ agency (spare parts and service) for IVECO-make vehicles in Malaysia. The services for IVECO vehicles are supported by a network of competent panels in the various parts of the country including Sabah and Sarawak.

Specialist In Workshop & Fleet Maintenance Services
Radifleet Sdn Bhd is one of the five business segments of RADICARE GROUP. Evolving from the critical need for absolute reliability in the maintenance of a vast number of motor vehicles of various makes and models in the healthcare sector, Radifleet Sdn Bhd is proud of its role as a core member of the RADICARE GROUP.
Track Record - Moving forward with absolute reliability
Much of today’s non-clinical hospital services are highly dependent on specialty motor vehicles such as ambulances, trucks, buses, 4-wheel drives, SUVs, cars and bikes. To ensure that they operate reliably and at optimal efficiency requires top-class workshop operation management, planning and control in areas of manpower, equipment, parts and facilities. Over the years, Radifleet has fulfilled its role to the fullest measure in this critical area of the fleet maintenance for reliability and performance.
Fleet Maintenance
Radifleet maintains and services more than 80 models spread over 22 brands under RADICARE’s concession agreement with the Government of Malaysia. The company has state-of-the-art one stop service workshops in the major urban centres of Malaysia. In addition, the company has a number of panel workshops under its jurisdiction for vehicles based in small town and rural areas.
Fleet Services
Logistics is another key function for Radifleet as it is responsible for the logistical requirements for clinical waste collections and linen and laundry deliveries for other subsidiaries from all over Malaysia to the plant in Teluk Panglima Garang in Selangor. This is a highly demanding operations management and scheduling function that has been perfected at Radifleet.
IVECO Vehicles Service And Part Supplier
As part of its move to consolidate and strengthen its business interests, Radifleet has acquired the franchise rights to provide service and spareparts for IVECO brand vehicles, parts and warranties in Malaysia. IVECO is a premium brand in the international motor trade, and there is a strong demand for their vehicles from the Ministry of Health (MOH), Ministry of Defence (MOD), Airports, Ports and other governmental bodies in Malaysia.
An Open Invitation
With its significant experience and technical know-how, RADICARE and Radifleet are now ready to seek mutually beneficial opportunities within Malaysia and the region. RADICARE and Radifleet are open to various business relationships based on mutual benefits, commercially driven opportunities and long-term sustainability. RADICARE and Radifleet are also committed to technology transfer, and will consider such arrangements with the prospective partners.