Clinwaste (M) Sdn Bhd (306486-H)

Incorporated in 1997, ClinWaste possesses extensive experience and expertise in the management of clinical waste in the country.
ClinWaste offers integrated clinical waste management services that comply with the Environmental Quality Act 1974 and the Environmental Quality (Scheduled Wastes) Regulations 2005. Its incinerator plant efficiently treats all categories of clinical waste.

In addition to the delivery of services, ClinWaste also offers their customers consultancy and advisory services on the approved method of handling, statutory regulations and supply of consumables. Over the years, ClinWaste has received several certifications which include MS ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001:2004 and ISO 18001:2007.

Premier Solution Towards Greener Environment
ClinWaste (M) Sdn Bhd is Malaysia’s leading service provider for the management of clinical waste; with extensive experience and expertise in servicing the public and private healthcare sectors.
Are You Aware Of The Approved Disposal Method Of Clinical Waste?
Adopting a ‘Cradle to Grave’ concept, ClinWaste offers integrated clinical waste management services in accordance to the requirements of the Environmental Quality Act 1974 and Environmental Quality Regulations (Scheduled Waste) 2005. Our incinerator plant enables us to dispose of all kinds of clinical waste efficiently and in accordance to the stipulated regulations.
Integrated Service
ClinWaste is committed to provide a comprehensive approach to clinical waste management that covers on-site collections, containers, receptacles, transportation, user training and incineration by a single provider.
  On-Site Collections
    The collection of clinical waste at site is based on schedules mutually agreed with the client. Our personnel are trained to ensure efficient and safe handling of clinical waste.
  Clinical Waste Containers
    All ClinWaste containers are specially manufactured to meet the stringent requirement for handling clinical waste and protect users from potentially infectious materials and needle prick injuries.    
  The sharp container is leak-proof and puncture resistant. Receptacles and wheel bins are also provided for customers’ application.
  Treatment Facility
    ClinWaste incinerator plant complies with all the legislations as stipulated by the Department of Environment and observes strict safety standards. The high temperature at primary and secondary  
  combustion chambers will safely incinerate all types of clinical waste. The stack emission testing is perfomed and monitored on a regular basis to ensure the impurities released from the plant are   controlled within the regulated standards, hence protecting the environment.
    ClinWaste  services incorporate a fleet of designated vehicles and dedicated professional drivers with a wide logistical network. All vehicles are licensed and monitored by Department of  
  Environment for the sole purpose of clinical waste transportation.
  Training & Consultancy
    ClinWaste offers guidance and advice on regulations and the approved method of handling and managing clinical waste thus reducing the risk of cross infection and needle prick injuries.
Comprehensive Service
A comprehensive and quality service package that offers an immediate solution to your problem.
Compliance To Regulation
You will be relieved of the concerns of ensuring compliance to legislation and regulations.
Focus On Customers
Committed to providing the best clinical waste management solutions to enable customers to concentrate on their primary business of patient care.
Infection Control
The proper management of clinical waste reduces the spread of diseases, risk of cross infection and health threats to customers, patients and the public.
Capital Cost Savings
ClinWaste shall assist the customer in avoiding unnecessary costs and complications in maintaining in-house incinerators, which must also comply with the regulations and standards set by the Department of Environment.
Social Responsibility
Waste reduced to inert ash condition, contributes to a clean, safe and healthy environment.
An Open Invitation
With its significant experience and technical know-how, RADICARE and Clinwaste are now ready to seek mutually beneficial opportunities within Malaysia and the region. RADICARE and Clinwaste are open to various business committed relationships based on mutual benefits, commercially driven opportunities and long-term sustainability. RADICARE and Clinwaste are also committed to technology transfer, and will consider such arrangements with the prospective partners